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Improving Proficiency Level of Experienced Drivers

There is a typical myth that driving proficiency comes for years, i.e. with driving experience. However, many years` observations definitely prove that real proficiency and experience do not correlate. It is almost impossible to gain special skills on one`s own. Moreover, such attempts entail high risks and are inefficient.

Conditions in which modern drivers have drive (especially in such megalopolises as Moscow and Saint Petersburg) are close to extreme. Everyone may have a car accident: there are always two parties ? party in fault and aggrieved party, but consequences are still hard to predict. Special knowledge and skills will help the driver minimize the risk and handle a critical situation with dignity.

At our Center you can:

  • "feel" you car and its maneuverability in emergency cases;
  • master the skills of anti-accident driving;
  • take a course in winter driving;
  • get experts` opinion on your driving, learn about correct your mistakes;
  • learn to park excellently;
  • analyze most typical reasons for road traffic accidents and learn how to avoid them;
  • learn how to handle disputable issues on the road;
  • learn to enjoy every minute of driving.

More about training

-How many classes need I take?

-To answer this question, we need to know your tasks and goals and estimate the level of your skills.

-What documents shall I get?

-We issue a certificate in training.

-Do you have a winter training?

Yes, of course, for more details read here.