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Proposal for event-agencies, PR departments and marketing

Centre "Shturman" and Mild Seven Renault F1 Team in Moscow

In 2005, in the centre of Moscow, a great event was held - a show featuring Formula 1 bolide cars. The show was organized by the Reno team, that year`s Formula 1 winner. The occasion brought to Russia a large delegation, including such racers as Alonso and Fisichella. Technicians brought several bolide cars.

The Renault F1 Roadshow organizers sought for collaboration with us. Before the races they wanted to present all the Renault models. We liked the grandiose idea at once - a motor ballet accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra on the Moskvoretskaya Embankment, right under the Kremlin walls! The first choice of music - Eugene Onegin Polonaise by Tchaikovsky - accentuated the grandeur of the show and the greatness of the venue.

We got the ball rolling. We suggested opening the show with the polonaise, making a car defile look like a ceremonial horse parade. Then the music changes, and the defile turns into a slow waltz - the cars are making pair circles around dancers. The show is crowned with a cheerful gallop - pair, high speed maneuvering; a lineal slalom along the whole length of the Moskvoretskaya Embankment.

The producers supported our idea. As they said, other centers, when asked to put up a car show, suggested either blowing cars up or turning them over.

We started rehearsing. Our instructors work till late, and we didn`t want to interrupt our lessons. So we asked our former students for help. All of them have work and families, but those who agreed to participate rehearsed till late at night.

Just before the show we learned that the negotiations with the Presidential Orchestra failed and it will be replaced by a disc jockey. On the day of the show we got another blow - the urban services set protective railing much closer to each other than it had been planned, and some maneuvers were impossible to perform! We had to change a number of elements last minutes before the show. Still, as to the review, the show was a success.

"We are grateful to "Shturman", the Centre for Improving Driving Skills, for organizing a Renault Logan car show as a part of Renault F1 Roadshow, which took place on August 28, 2005 in Moscow and drew more than 100 000 spectators."