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Offer for personnel and transportation departments of large companies

The Shturman Center provides consultations on introducing modern driving norms of safe driving among employees.
Introducing these norms makes it possible to cut down production costs and improve driving skills of employees. Aggregate effect is achieved through:

  • reducing costs of vehicle operation and maintenance;
  • reducing loss of profit in case of vehicle breakdown;
  • cutting down compensation to the third party in case of a road traffic accident;
  • cutting down payments on medical certificates through reducing the level of stress employees experience while driving.

The set of services offered by the Shturman Center:

  1. estimating the level of driving proficiency;
  2. designing and introducing driving safety norms for our organization;
  3. instructing employees.

For more information, please call +7(495) 799-78-99.

How many people can take classes at once?

-A standard schedule implies no more than 5 cars under the condition 1 instructor for 1 car. Our center does not provide group classes! We consider group classes as ineffective as training simulators.

Do you have an insurance?

-The cars belonging to the center have an auto insurance with no limit on the number of drivers.