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The principles of learning

Everybody is able to learn!

The main thing is that the driver should be able to see the road and could reach the pedals. Our method can successfully work with all, including people with (seemingly) disabilities. For many years of work we know that human performance is unlimited!

Everyone goes his own way!

All classes are individual, so that each student had his own comfortable pace of skill development. We don't give group lessons! The technique is chosen in strictly individual way. Finally, each student by the end of training develops his own style.

The requirements are common to all!

All the details of higher driving skills, which are offered to drivers with great experience, are also available for beginners. And conversely, experienced drivers at the beginning of training take the same route, which runs a beginner, however, it is even more difficult to retrain.

Our goal is stylish driving!

We do not specialize in the preparation of "reckless." Our slogan is "Safety, Reliability, Comfort."

The learning process

The first lesson begins with a conversation. We find out your goals and objectives, terms and training time. For drivers with experience we carry out rapid testing. Typically, it takes 10 minutes to half an hour, including a test at the site and exit to the city. The results are then discussed and we determine the training plan together.

Training begins with a short theoretical part, which includes:
  • rules of sitting in the car;
  • settings of the driver's seat;
  • initial position of hands on the wheel.
Then we proceed to the exercises in the motor skills, the right arm and leg movements are brought to automatism. At the lessons the following basic skills are practiced:
  • the basic steering techniques;
  • principles of mechanical / automatic transmission;
  • coordination of the legs;
  • methods and tactics in passage of turns;
  • methods of braking;
  • feeling of sizes;
  • reversing;
  • parking space.
At the exit to the city the following skills are practiced:
  • movement in the flow of transport;
  • tactics of crossing the crossroads;
  • assured skills of changing the lane;
  • specifics of the motion in the courtyards, shopping centers' parkings, etc.

In proportion to mastering the technical skills the elements of high-speed maneuvering are introduced. Training course for the forward and reverse movement, consisting of already familiar elements are now performed at higher speeds, and then - at a time.
In winter, classes on the ice are added to these elements, such as: control sliding, braking, drive around obstacles, etc.