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We asked our students, who are driving already to share their memories about the process of learning, and to share their driving experience which is already accumulated. Fragments of the best essays we publish on our website and the winners will get prizes.


"Two years have passed since the moment when I, by chance, got to this school. And I am grateful for this occasion because now I see the world through different eyes. It was amazing to understand on the first day of the course, that I am at the wheel alone and have obtained something. And after a while I went to the city with the same sense of wonder to discover that out there I was not odd. My next discovery was that the road lives by its laws. I had to understand them. I am grateful to people who have quite tactfully brought me into this world and taught to live on its rules. I'm not just going by car. I see the rising sun, and I understand that a new and happy day begins. Thank you, "Shturman!"


"I feel confident behind the wheel. This means that:
– The muscles of my body are relaxed;
– My chin is omitted;
– I smile;
– I am calm;
– I am in a good mood;
– My hands are dry and warm;
– My hands are free and not tense;
– I am warm and feel well;
– I feel the car;
– My head is clear;
– I control the situation on the road;
– The car listens to me."


"Several years ago, having decided to buy a car, my wife and I studied in the Center" Shturman "." "... When I was showing to a friend the purchased car, and he is an experienced driver, he admitted being aware that it was my third day at the wheel:" you drive like a man, that is driving many years. "The next day I was elated: I could easily work at home and my wife drove alone our parents to the dacha in 100 km from Moscow. Just imagine: it was evening, on Friday, in an overloaded car and on the overloaded Yaroslavl! ... "

"That year my wife and me drove something like 30 thousand kilometers in Moscow without any crashing. Moreover in autumn (3 months ago, as we finished the course), we spent 14 days in Europe. Having taken a car at the airport in Amsterdam, we traveled by car Antwerpen, Bruges, Paris, Brussels, were in Germany, Luxembourg, in total - 2,5 thousand km. The time behind the wheel we shared equally. Among my acquaintances, most worry when the wife is driving. I have slept like a log! Thank you! "


"I couldn`t even think of driving in the city. "I will drive on the polygon all my life" - I thought. For half an hour we were sitting in the car, no crying or yelling, until I realized how stupid I was. And then I started the car30-40-50 km/hOh God, I`m RASHING!..So began my independent life on the road. Besides my instructor, I started to drive with other passengers - my husband, my mom, and my dad. Sometimes they pressure me with their advice, though. Driving is a process of getting to know yourself rather than others, so it`s time to get rid of everything unnecessary in order to be a decent and proud driver. "


"I have a clear remembrance of my first pleasant emotion from driving. I had been training an exercise called a reverse zigzag. I felt a terrible ache in my back, my neck, and all over my body. Then suddenly I felt that the rear of the car became a part of my own body. I perceived the car as tight-fitting clothes, and it seemed to me that I could put it through the needle eye. I understood that one can drive beautifully and elegantly. Driving is an art."


«The new instructor came to the classes in time but my skills led him to a deadlock too. When I pressed hard on the clutch pedal or pull sharply at the gear shift, instead of explaining a mistake to me, he confined himself to the word "Moron!" "Vladimir, you must change your attitude!" - was his conclusion. However, even he didn`t know how to change it. Once, on the busy Moscow highway, when I couldn`t manage the gearbox again, he threw up his arms and exclaimed: "God, give me strength to love this person!"» more...


«Today I have been driving on my own for two weeks already. I can`t describe how I like it. I look back and wonder whether it is really me. Is it me who doesn`t afraid of the road, traffic cops, and parking? Is it me who is reluctant to get out the car in the evening and can`t wait to drive again after a workday is over?! Sometimes I have to part with my car for another reason: my daughter is taking classes at the Center, too. From my own experience I have learned that we must provide driving skills for our children as a part of the educational process» more...


"Yesterday I was bestowed a medal. We were visiting our relatives, and a husband complained what a terrible driver his wife was. My husband said: "My Irene drives fine. I am relaxed even when I`m sitting in the front seat." Though, just a year ago he used to say: "You drive like hell. Don`t you see the lines? How do you park?" "Well, I`ll show you" ? I thought and applied for Shturman Center without saying anyone about it. My daughter was the first to notice some change. "You started to drive differently, didn`t you?" ? she asked a few weeks later. Our neighbors were the next to spot my improved parking skills. My husband noticed it only a year after, when I had already mastered both summer and winter programms, and continued to attend classes to maintain my skills and, most importantly, enjoy the company. So I had to reveal my secret and take him with me to the polygon where the opening of the season was celebrated with mulled wine, roasted meat, children, family members and other pleasant things. While I was having a mulled wine, he was allowed to drive zigzag. Though he didn`t dare to do it in reverse, he was quite good. I don`t bear a grudge against him for not noticing my improvement at once. Not so often does my husband allow me to drive him. I don`t insist, though. Every time we are invited somewhere, it`s very difficult for us to decide which of us is staying sober this time. For some reason, now it turns out to be me more often. Well, that was, after all, my goal! "


«At first you want something really bad, then you decide to take the first step, then you begin to doubt and want to give up but you can`t. And then you realize that everything you are doing is taking you closer to your goal - slowly but steadily. Your dreams and thoughts come true. Gradually you are becoming more confident and self-satisfied!» more...