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Offer for Security Services and Private Safeguard Organizations

The preparation course for personal drivers and drivers-bodyguards embraces lessons on the motodrome and in the city. This course is aimed at drivers who have practical driving experience.

Goals: 1)correcting mistakes and drawbacks which experienced drivers face; 2) polishing sustainable basic skills; 3) improving reliability and safety in emergency cases and difficult cases on the road.

An individual course is designed for every driver individually, given the results of his/her preliminary testing. The course includes a set of general and special exercises.

General exercises are aimed at polishing driving skills, mastering effective practices of providing high steadiness and manageability in difficult cases, as well as making the driver "feel " the vehicle.

Special exercises are aimed at:

  • developing skills of intensive maneuvering in the traffic flow;
  • being able to estimate a road situation fast and accurately and make the only right decision;
  • being able to deviate from traffic rules skillfully (for special transport vehicles);
  • cooperating with other drivers when moving in convoy or in a column;
  • using government-issue weapons while driving;
  • developing psychological and communication skills while dealing with a guarded person.
A special training is carried out by former agents of the Seventh and Ninth KGB Departments, who have a vast experience of operation work, distinguished themselves in service, and received state awards for specific results. This training program was used to train staff at the Special Purpose Garage, the Seventh KGB Department, Group A (Alfa), and a number of other KGB of the USSR and FSB of the Russian Federation departments, as well as drivers at the motor pool of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Presidential Administration of Russia.

Director, Putyato Andrey:
"Center "Shturman" approach puts the personal driver and the driver-safeguard higher than the autosportsman and takes a different look at the quality of their training." more…

Teacher-consultant,Vlasov Sergey, From 1975 to 1989 - Head of the spec-driver training Garage special purpose (GON) ULO COM FSO, former 9 department of the KGB USSR: "The course absorbed the best practices accumulated over the KGB golden years". more…

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