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Teaching Children

Every day you can see how children - little as well as older ones - run across the road just in front of the wheels of rushing cars. For many years children have been taught how to cross the road, how to behave in public transport, etc. But lecturing is one thing, while making children follow traffic rules is another thing. Lectures and warnings are not enough. The child must take the driver`s place and comprehend what dangers are provoked by carelessness on the road.

The Shturman Center supports the idea of including driving into the school curriculum. These are the main reasons given by parents who bring their children to our center:

1. Learning how to drive helps the child to perceive a vehicle as a source of grave danger. According to the parents, thanks to our courses their children started to act as competent pedestrians. On our behalf, we want to add that according to psychological research, at the age of 10-14 children master logical thinking and learn the pattern "ifthen ". For this reason driving lessons develop the instinct of self-preservation, which is a life-long asset;

2. For children, driving is a game in the first place. However, it is a very important game, playing which children develop an earnest attitude towards "adult" things - responsibility for themselves, other people, for the car. Kids at the age of 10-13 grow fast, and their feet can already reach the pedals. At this stage of life it is crucial to let the child know that through hard work he/she can achieve everything he/she wants. Through being involved into such "adult" activity as driving, children become more confident; their mood improves; and their character is changed. Some of our students` parents think that thanks to our lessons their kids have developed attention and focus, which is very beneficial for studying at school;

3. Nowadays kids share few common topics with their parents, especially with their dads who work literally day and night. Driving lessons bridge this gap in kids-parents relationship, providing a new topic for conversation;

4. School years is the best time for mastering motoric skills. For this reason kids are taught foreign languages, dancing, and playing musical instruments. In future our arms and legs can remember fast how to do some things we have learned in our early childhood.

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