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Teaching Beginners

Our Center has the following advantages:

1. We are the only center for improving driving skills where you can get a full anti-accident training "from scratch" even without a driving license or a car. This will spare you the necessity to retrain after the driving school;

2. Our instructors are former and current agents at the KGB of the USSR and FSS of Russian Fedration. They know everything about city driving and have earned a high reputation in this field. For many years our instructors have helped drivers at the special services gain skills of solving challenging tasks in the megalopolis environment. Our students have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into a special atmosphere and gain experience that cannot be found either at driving schools or at sports competitions;

3. We are the only center specializing at working with so-called "difficult cases":

  • those who have tried to drive many times (at the driving school, with a personal instructor, at other centers), but lost hope of learning to drive;
  • those who have fear of driving since their childhood;
  • those who survived in severe car accidents, had a post-traumatic syndrome, and stills needs rehabilitation;
  • those who suffer from locomotive system and vestibular apparatus diseases. In particular, we have a successful experience of working with people suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

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Are you a driving school?

No, we are not. We teach only practical driving skills.