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Однодневный спецкурс Парковка - интенсив

Training beginners

You are not satisfied with the training in a driving school? You have tried many times, and you do not succeed? Do you want to have secure and confident skills now, without wasting years?

Increasing of experienced drivers skills

Do you want to improve your driving safety? Learn something new? Get new impressions and positive emotions from driving?

Children's training

We are successfully working with children! Age does not matter, it's just about touching the pedals! You should see their happy faces! Their parents are proud of them, and friends - are jealous.

Proposal for HR services and transport departments

Modern safe driving standards in the enterprise.

For security and private security organizations

Year-round educational and training cycle for personal drivers and guards.

Proposal for event-agencies, PR departments and marketing

Show organization, presentations, test drives and other mass automotive actions


I am grateful to people who have quite tactfully brought me into this world and taught to live on its rules. I'm not just going by car. I see the rising sun, and I understand that a new and happy day begins. Thank you, "Shturman!"
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Winter Driving

Attention! Driving lessons on ice start after cold weather has settled in. Those of you who want to have more practice on ice must pass a basic pre-season training.

Once Again About "Extreme" Training

"So if you`re looking for such kind of extreme, the Navigator centre can hardly help you..."

For Skeptics. Benefits Of Steering Techniques

"Offering neither drive nor extreme, at first they may seem boring. Some people soak up new techniques like a sponge, while others have to work hard to master them. Real comfort and confidence while driving are worth working towards, anyway."

Navigator Centre and Mild Seven Renault F1 Team in Moscow

In 2005, in the centre of Moscow, a great event was held - a show featuring Formula 1 bolide cars.