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It is impossible to imagine the club life of the Centre "Shturman" without our "partying", the traditional opening of the summer and winter season. It's always meat, dancing and playing outdoors. Our students have got a tradition to come with their families and hang out till late at night! Nothing brings people together so as collaboration in training and common interests. At our holidays there is a possibility to socialize, to share impressions, to establish friendships and business contacts.

And, of course, the "party" is a meeting of old friends! You know what is friendship lasting 10 years? That is how much our alumni club celebrated in 2010. All the 10 years of our partying, together with those who have involved in now or have recently graduated, those people are coming who have studied at the Center in the early 2000s!

Great words of gratitude to everyone who give us their warmth of good attitude all these years rush from our souls. Life has given us wonderful meetings and we are grateful for the fact that our students become our best friends.

Thank you!
Centre "Shturman"