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Once Again About "Extreme" Training

Ilya Protopopov, deputy director of the centre "SHTURMAN"

"Why don`t you train your students to drive over sleeping policemen at high speed?" - our student`s husband asked. In his time he also took a course in improving driving skills. "Do they really need this?" -the answer was. "Of course they do! I have many years driving experience, but I still notice sleeping policemen in the last moment!" He didn`t like my answer at all - "Well, then there`s something wrong with your driving".

Let`s take my college acquaintance as another example. He used to drive a Nissan Almera. A couple of years later, after the alumni reunion, I noticed that he was getting into a Zhiguli! "Man, you used to drive a Japanese car!" - someone said. Without taking any offence, he explained that Moscow had so many open manholes, that suspension repair grew too costly! At first I was confused, but our common friends clarified the situation. It turned out that Sergey took a course in extreme driving and was taught to drive over open manholes at high speed. Then the guy seemed to drive around Moscow, looking for a chance to train.

Numerous courses are ready to teach whatever their customers are ready to pay for. So what does the customer expect? Most people associate extreme driving with high speed, adrenaline, and other "pleasures". Screech of brakes, smell of burnt tires Motorsport is chick cars, brave people, and a breathtaking show. Romance and extreme! "To learn, you must speed up" - instructors (some of them were sportsmen in the past) teach their students. "If sportsmen drive fast, they can teach you how to drive safely even at high speed." The fact of completing such a driving course gives people confidence that they can deal with everything and nothing will ever happen to them. But why do such courses contribute to the number of car accidents?

"We must make motorsport popular!" - this is the motto of those who persistently invite people to take extreme driving lessons. They don`t say a word about high mortality among rally participants and even spectators at such events! Cars are maneuvered by most experienced racers, car bodies are fitted with protective arcs, and the motorway is closed (!) for people and vehicles - and still so many victims.

Demand creates supply. After acquiring skills in extreme driving and receiving a certificate, people get into their ordinary cars, with no protective features as sports ones, and apply their skills on busy city streets. So, it leads to dramatic consequences.

So if you`re looking for such kind of extreme, the Navigator centre can hardly help you.

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